About Us



Both city kids from the north suburbs of Chicago, IL; we grew up in families that could cook as well as enjoy the best restaurants the Windy City has to offer.  When we moved to NC a decade ago, we were sorely missing our comfort foods and so we got to work in our kitchen!


Our pursuit to use better ingredients in our home kitchen  - well raised, well made, good for the body and for God's creation - led us to the path of farming here in NC. 

If your goal is to eat well and feed those gathered at your table,

Patience Farm is here to help you. 

We abide by our farm's name and slow grow our Heritage Pineywoods Beef and Heritage English Pork.  Our love for flavorful yet simple food has greatly informed our farming and butchering practices.  We raise out our animals at a slower pace and you will truly taste the difference.

When you try Patience Farm raised meats you will want to eat like this every day. 

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Ben and Ashley

Guiding Principles



Whole animal artisan butchering.  We fabricate less frequently with focus on nose-to-tail quality.  Small scale farming is only sustainable if you utilize and respect every bit of the animal.  We use old school techniques including seam butchery and very sharp knives to provide a varied selection of delicious meats and custom sausages.


Farm holistically and restoratively; our animals are rotated frequently to new paddocks as they forage the best of the plant selection.  The animals stomp, root and scratch the soil, spreading their animal waste evenly to build a healthier living soil.

No-hormones, or mandatory vaccinations for our animals; we strive to keep the animals healthy by keeping the ground and plant life vibrant so to avoid introducing harmful chemicals to the soil, the animals and our own bodies.


Our land is a cut over hardwood lot, with coppiced Tulip Poplar, Oak and Hickory, and native perennials and annuals.  We decided to choose livestock breeds that are proven to do well here in the Piedmont. 

We chose Heritage Pineywoods Cattle for our beef operations.  They are one of the original breeds introduced to the United States by Spanish explorers in the 1500s. These herds roamed the Southern Gulf states for hundreds of years, going wild before the continuing exploration of the New World brought settlers who then domesticated the wild cattle.  They were a tri-purpose breed, raised for meat, milk and as oxen to pull logs out of the pine forests.  Pineywoods are rugged, adapted to the humid Southern summers and excellent foragers on marginal land!

We raise various cross-breeds of Heritage English Pigs. Including Tamworth, Berkshire, Gloucestershire Old-Spot, Yorkshire and Hampshire.  We hand feed our hogs twice a day a mixture of protein pellets, cracked corn, and vegetable kitchen scraps to keep them happy and healthy and easy to handle!

We have a small flock of egg laying chickens.  They enjoy wandering into the cow and pig paddocks to ​steal their food.