Cast iron pan over medium-high heat.

Start cooking with the fat side down to render out some of the fat.

Brown off each side. Stay by the pan, move the chop around, flipping it back and forth and touching it as you go to get a feel for doneness. It will take about 10 minutes.

When finished, internal temperature will be 145.

Delicious served with a bright vinegary salad and potatoes in any form.

Quick Cooking Flap Steaks such as Tri-Tip, Flank, & Bavette

Primal cut, Side of Beef, is broken down into rib loin/plate and sirloin/flap. The sub primal: the flap located just under the sirloin, contains the muscles known as Tri-Tip, Flank and Bavette (and some Skirt)

Best way to enjoy these long fiber steaks is on a hot pan/grill, for just a few minutes at most.


Cast iron pan, a little oil (or better yet, bacon fat!) over high heat.

Pan sear each side for a minute. Internal temp at 130-140 range.

Sliced against the grain before serving and a sprinkle of salt.

Great on tacos with a spicy salsa!

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Our pre-seasoned Pineywoods Beef skewers are perfect for a summer grill out! We have marinated thin slices in a custom mixture of soy sauce, fresh ginger, fresh garlic and red chili flake.

Preparation time: 8 hrs minutes

Cook Time: approx 4-6 minutes (or until meat is a nice pink on the inside)

Thaw skewer meat.

Fire up the grill, when hot, place skewers on and cook until preferred doneness.

Alongside freshly picked roasted potatoes and a pepper salad is summer dinner perfection.

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