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Want to open an on-farm
butcher shop?
Let's get started.

We are here to help you start the process of opening up a locally certified on-farm butcher shop. 

When we set out to renovate an empty garage on our farm into a county certified commercial kitchen, we had no guide or floor plan to turn to.

After having worked in and on our own on-farm butcher shop

we wanted to share our knowledge and experience with you! 

The local farm economy and broader meat industry need more capable small processors.


Are you ready to plan your on-farm butcher shop? 

Let's get going!

Need a little bit more? We also offer consulting sessions. Contact us for pricing and availability. 

What will you receive in this guide?

  • Helpful first hand experience and suggestions

  • Rendering of our own shop's floor plan

  • Shop equipment list 

  • Questions to ask your local public officials

  • How to find and manage your sub-contractors

  • Go-to construction materials we used in upfitting the existing structure on our farm

  • Final thoughts and suggestions

What is butchering? 
Processing cuts of meat, working out that perfect sausage recipe, rendering lard are all facets of the art of craft butchery.

What is slaughter? 

To legally sell our products, we work with a network of USDA slaughterhouses to humanely dispatch our livestock so that we can focus on the art of craft butchery.  

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