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We invoice via Square for a no-contact delivery straight from the farm!


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Pineywoods Beef Box

$80 / 6-7lbs

2-3 lbs Ground
1 lb Stew Beef
1 Small Roast
1 Bacon Burgers (4 pack)
Steak Cuts (eg. Ribeye, Tri-Tip), 1 lb appx

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Smoke Box, $80

2 lbs Applewood Cold Smoked Pork Chops

2 lbs Applewood Bacon

2 lbs Sausage

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CLASSIC Butcher's Choice

Pork Box

$80 / 6-7lbs

Appx. 2 lbs of steak cuts for grilling and braising, 3 lbs sausage, 1 lb bacon and/or 1 qt of Patience Stew


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Pork Steaks & Cutlet Box,


4 Chops (Bone-out)

1 package of Pork Cutlets (.50-1lb packs)

2 Collar Steaks

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sausage box, $60 / 6lbs

House Made Sausages:

Rotating Selection of Classics like:  Mexican Style Chorizo, Bacon Bratwurst, Mild Italian, Country and Thai, and Rotating Seasonal Sausages