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Peposo or Tuscan Beef Stew

I love how this dish perfumes the house, changing in complexity as the simple ingredients blend together. This takes minutes to prepare but is left to braise all day. Easily done in your oven set to low or crock pot! This recipe is easily adaptable to taste. Love garlic? Add a few more cloves! Not so much? Throw in just a couple! Want that peppery bite? It is truly a versatile recipe so don't be afraid to add a little more or a little less! Plus, you literally just toss everything in the pot and get it cooking!

No browning the meat, nothing! It is SO SO EASY!

The key to this recipe is allowing it to cook a good long while. 8-12 hours cooking time is ideal as it allows the meat to break down and all those flavors to marry.

4 lbs braising beef, shank of beef or top round are nice, cut in chunks

1 bottle good red drinking wine, Chianti or another medium bodied red

1 head of garlic cloves of garlic

4 tbl black pepper, freshly ground to taste 1 bay leaf

1 tbl sea salt

  1. Pre-heat oven to a low 200F/225F or crock-pot to low

  2. Garlic, feel free to peel but I like to smash it a little and just toss it in and pick off the shell when serving it

  3. It is "pepper" stew after all, so it should have a bit of a kick! Suit to taste!

  4. Add all ingredients to cooking vessel

  5. Cover and let cook for 8-12 hours

We love this stew over a good and thick polenta. Also, great on its own with a chunk of good bread and butter! It makes a lot but it gets better with time so the next night it will be even more delicious!

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