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Pineywoods Beef, How to Quick Cook Steak

Quick Cooking Flap Steaks such as Tri-Tip, Flank, & Bavette

Primal cut, Side of Beef, is broken down into rib loin/plate and sirloin/flap. The sub primal: the flap located just under the sirloin, contains the muscles known as Tri-Tip, Flank and Bavette (and some Skirt)

Best way to enjoy these long fiber steaks is on a hot pan/grill, for just a few minutes at most.


Cast iron pan, a little oil (or better yet, bacon fat!) over high heat.

Pan sear each side for a minute. Internal temp at 130-140 range.

Sliced against the grain before serving and a sprinkle of salt.

Great on tacos with a spicy salsa!

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