the local farm

& butcher shop

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Feel good about the meat you eat.

buying meat at the supermarket is convenient but it can be



Factory farmed meat can be high in

bad fatty acids. 



Quickly grown meat is high in water and short on

flavor compounds


Ethically Compromised

Factory raised animals can be inhumane and environmentally harmful.

patience farm and butcher shop

home delivery is


Our livestock's diet and exercise helps develop

better nutrients in the meat.


Our animals are grown 3x longer which develops strong flavor compounds.

Well Raised

Our animals are constantly on the move & enjoy the NC sunshine all year around!

our customers receive convenience

and a quality product


We know how hard it is to find good meat!  When we lived in Durham it was difficult to make time for a special trip to the butcher shop or farmers market. 

We have spent the past 8 years learning how to farm, butcher & cook so we can provide you with the perfect meat! 

Let us help you!  

you can put great meat on your table!


Pick what box you would like to have delivered! Consult with us if you can't make up your mind!

Get it Delivered

We deliver fresh frozen meats right to your front porch! Billing is online for

a totally no-contact delivery!


Find great recipes & instructional videos and get that awesome meal on your table!

At Patience Farm & Butcher Shop we know you are the kind of person who wants to provide healthy and delicious meals for yourself and for those gathered around your table.  In order to do that you'll need really good meat!  The problem is, the supermarkets do not sell delicious local and artisan butchered meats. We believe you should have access to awesome meat and not have to settle for whatever happens to be available at the supermarket. 

We understand tracking down locally raised and artisan butchered meats is tough!  That is why we are farming, butchering and delivering here in Silk Hope, North Carolina!

So order pork and beef from from Patience Farm, stop feeling bad about the meat you eat and start enjoying delicious meat everyday!